"You just need to talk to somebody" is one of the most common ways we tell each other to consider therapy. But trauma (generational, race-related, sexual, abuse-based and neglect-related) is stored in our bodies, hearts, memories & actions - not ONLY our words.

Why are activity-based therapies helpful?

Experience-based therapies (including dance therapy, art therapy and adventure therapy) give the brain a chance to process ideas through creative expression, feeling, moving and doing, instead of only talking.


Who benefits from this service?

Creative and expressive therapies are wonderful for people who learn and heal through human connection and sharing lived experiences with a therapist who is vulnerable enough to complete an activity with them.   Don’t worry, sometimes the activity is simply writing or walking. You will not be pushed beyond your personal desire. To Indy, With Love’s therapy service was intentionally created with people of color, LGBTQIA+ people and people of diverse spiritual practices in Indiana in mind.

What are sessions like?

Sessions with an adventure therapist include a sense of easy-goingness. This supports the brain science benefits of play, laughter & self expression.

Sessions may include games, activities, homework, art or an easy type of movement to best serve the personal goals of the client. Sessions can also simply involve relaxing in the hammock or recliners and talking about life. Client’s are encouraged to bring in games and hobbies that bring them joy to therapy sessions.

Mishara’s background in social work, cultural studies and social conditions also influences her therapy style. This knowledge means she trusts clients as the only experts of their own experiences and the leaders of the sessions.

What is the goal of sessions?

Using practices of recreation, vulnerability and self awareness, To Indy, With Love helps wonderful people find sanctuary, not only in their communities, but most importantly in themselves.

When are sessions scheduled?

Afternoons, Evening & Weekends
Appointment Slots: Sunday 1 pm- 6 pm, Monday 1 pm-7pm, Tuesday 1 pm-7 pm.

How Much Does Therapy Cost?

Sessions are 55 minutes for $100.
Cash, Credit & Health Savings Accounts cards accepted.
To Indy, With Love only accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance co-pays.

Where is your studio located?

Our studio recently moved to an intimate location on the east side of Indianapolis, as we are working behind the scenes on a big plan to create a space for more accessible recreation, joy-making and play for the larger Indianapolis community. Our current address is provided in therapy welcome email. We can’t wait to see you.

Drawings by FrizzKidArt. Photos used with permission.