Head / Heart Therapy in Chicago , IL Spring 2019


Hot 96.3 Nov 2018

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Holiday gathering time! Self care in relative conflicts. Grieving transitioned loved ones.


Hot 96.3 June 2018
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Creative therapy. Mental health as a thriving Black liberation community issue. Self care. Historical harm done by the American mental health profession to marginalized people. “Making & Mental Health” by To Indy, With Love. Why telling others to go get help on social media sometimes does NOT help suicide prevention (even though it is a kind idea). Questions that have saved my life and the lives of my family members. Questions to ask yourself to support loved ones with diverse mental health experiences. Mental health as health category like dental health or muscle health, not a serious, tragic emergency.

Good Earth Radio June 2017

segment Topics:

Changing social and emotional health culture in groups, work places, cities and the world- instead of “fixing” individuals. Training community leaders, pastors, parents. Getting “bored out” & “burned out” at work, due to not being allowed to be creative, happy and innovative. Helping adults play. Making social and emotional health knowledge common knowledge for the American public. Therapy while biking and giggling. Infusing To Indy, With Love social and emotional health consulting in non- health programs. Indy’s 1st Human Library - checking out stereotyped Indianapolis human neighbor like a library books. Asking questions with permission and without shame.