Spring Kink! PoC Kink Class

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20190206_170321 (1).jpg

Spring Kink! PoC Kink Class


$10 at the door.

Topics: Spirituality + Kink + Herbs .
Demos: Electro Play & Rhythmic Flogging.

Please Note: There is no expectation that class attendees be touched by others .

Jade P. Terry [Educator, Card Slanger, Churchy Mystic + Chronic Disability Bae]
Jade helps people of color feel powerful as knowledge bearers & sharers, through story telling, questions and creative expression. She specializes in helping wonderful people, especially Black churched women, unlearn sexual repression. Her work can be found at JadeTPerry.com.

What to Expect:
Goodies: Make + Take Sensual Herb Bags- to add to your personal collection
Practices: Embodied Rituals for spirituality through exercises and story telling
Demos: Electro Play by Indy Tokin + Rhythmic Impact Play by Mr. Lecherous

All genders, orientations, faiths and skill levels welcome in class. Non-PoC welcome w/ PoC partner present.

Address & Neighborhood Love:
824 Cottage Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203 . This is a private home. Please be considerate of the homeowner & neighbors on this residential street. While parking seek to limit noise and not gather in front of other private homes. We seek to always treat Indy neighborhoods and neighbors well. No smoking or alcohol is allowed at Spring Kink.

This class space has 6 steps to enter. No alcohol, smoke or food present. All gender bathrooms on site. Not fragrant free. Access coordinator is available upon advance request. Street parking. No strobe lights or latex. Those requesting a live stream due to inability to attend, please contact access coordinator by filling out the “Contact” form on this website [top right] with accommodation requests.

Other Questions:
Please fill out the “Contact” form at top left. Note : All To Indy, With Love services & collaborations are full and booked for 2019 . However, we are happy to take attendee questions related to this Spring Kink Class experience .

To Indy, With Love affirms people of color, LGBTQIA+ folkx & people of many faiths through encouraging the audacity of play , vulnerability and joy for social and emotional health.

Image Permissions. Model: 300poundsandrunning Photographer: Shooglet on Instagram.

Pay $10 at door please. RSVP- Not Needed