August - Sept 2019 We were with Indiana people of color traveling in Thailand. It was amazing! Each trip moving forward will involve a new country for a new experience.

To find out why and how To Indy, With Love creates affirming travel experiences for Indiana people of Color read below.

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Since 2007, I have traveled to 14 countries and lived in 3. But I definitely wasn’t always a relaxed globe trotter.

I gained the enthusiasm to travel the world [for friendship, self care and personal accountability for my own joy] because of a positive 1st experience. That experience was like a big reset button on my life.

To Indy, With Love’s intimate international travel experiences are your big reset. A stress free break for your self care. Full of freedom to enjoy whichever types of rest, bonding or play that you know are best for you.
— -Mishara
Photo by midwestern native and global photographer Seed Lynn

Photo by midwestern native and global photographer Seed Lynn

My Life Changing 1st Travel Experience…

It happened 12 years ago when I applied to live with a family in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. I was their guest in a non-tourist, art-focused, middle class city. This experience was powerful because I was able to reflect, rest and build friendships with Mexican and Indigenous people.

As we slowly shared food, music, dance, lessons, traditions, challenges and affection I began to feel more “home” in my skin, in my dreams and in my community as a Black woman raised in the USA.

When I came back to the USA, I decided I would no longer experience stress and just survive. No! I would thrive.

Indiana People Deserve Positive International Travel Experiences

What if more people [especially people of color, LGBTQIA+ folkx and spiritually diverse persons] could invest in their social and emotional care this way? What if there were more opportunities for cooking meals with people from around the world, learning their slang, dancing to new beats, connecting with their elders and listening instead of assuming - while experiencing incredible adventures or just resting?

To Indy With Love’s Curated, Small Group Travel Experiences Offer:

Personal rejuvenation
+Chances to deepen friendships with other people of color from Indiana
+ Chances to connect with people of color around the globe
+ Carefully selected travel participants in groups of 10 people or less - for every trip

These are the types of authentic, respectful, heart to heart connections not typically available through 3-7 day cruises, religious mission trips, service learning, volunteer charity or all inclusive tourist resorts.

This Service is For

1.The social and emotional benefit, cultural affirmation and spiritual connection of Indiana people of color
2. The [21 years old or older] affirming travel companion of their choice. Companions are loved ones of any gender, faith, race and sexual orientation [Examples: mid age parents, partners and friends]

2019 Travel Destination: Thailand Aug 27-Sept 3.


This is your opportunity to relax, release and relate. We hope you immerse yourself in fun, sanctuary and adventure within your world and within yourself.


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