Elder Therapy Love Fund


Elder Therapy Love Fund

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An appreciative way to honor and celebrate the well being of our elders, especially those who are People of Color, LGBTQIA+ and of diverse faiths in Indiana.

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Elder Therapy Love Fund:

Pay for A Community Elder’s Therapy Session. “Give them their "flowers now.”

This is a shame- free, respectful & appreciative way for us to give our PoC, LGBTQIA+ & multi-faith elders access to quality therapy.  As a (very) small business, To Indy, With Love supports inter-generational wellness. However, sometimes our elders are on fixed incomes and need their loving community to help them pay for access to professional self-care options after decades of trauma, discrimination and every-day living.

More Info:

A person who 19 when MLK was killed is now 71. A person who was 20 at the Stone Wall Riot that led to what we now call PRIDE is now 70. The elder trauma (and potential for incredible healing) our community members over 50 years old have, is powerful & incredible.

 Many younger people (in our 20’s & 30’s) -such as the owner of To Indy, With Love Mishara -now have the safety privilege of using the internet (and our access to higher education spaces) to share info and trends like mental health hashtags, self care events and stigma reducing education about emotionally healthy skills.

Let’s make sure the folks who helped fight for our rights, created our music and gave us home-cooking, also get to invest in healthy relationships with themselves. Now. Not when they are highly-spoken of ancestors.

They are worthy of healing, now. Let’s love ‘em right.

Money given through this page, will go toward a $100 therapy session for a community member 50 years of age or older currently receiving regular therapy with To Indy, With Love.

We thank you for giving to the people who sought to make a way for us.

Important Notes :

Paypal takes a small processing fee. This investment in an elder’s therapy is not tax deductible, because To Indy, With Love is a small (socially respectful) business. It is not a non-profit. It simply cares a great deal about it’s community.