I will bring you a whole person. You will bring me a whole person. And we will have twice as much love.
— Mari Evans, Indianapolis Writer

Please read below for helpful answers to common inquiries. Then feel free to reach out. Can’t wait to connect with you!

To Indy, With Love provides 3 Services: Experiences, Speaking & Therapy

Here is some helpful info:

Business Structure: To Indy, With Love is a 1 woman, Black / queer / spiritually diverse owned, small business. It has a staff of 3 and is excited to do business with you.

Financial Gifts: We accept non-tax deductible gifts - to give to community elders who pay for our therapy service.

Urgent / Time Sensitive Health Care: To Indy, With Love’s services are not a good fit for persons in crisis or extremely time sensitive requests.

Our clients are high functioning individuals seeking to enhance stable projects, populations and the fullness of their lives.

Function: To Indy, With Love is a sanctuary for creative, innovative and intentional social and emotional health experiences. It’s services are often private, customized and carefully given with intentional time and love.

Response Time: It may take up to 2 weeks to respond to requests as the company receives a large volume of interest and values the social and emotional health of the owner, executive assistant and current clients-not just in word but in daily practices.

Therapy: Limited slots are available. Price, structure and style info is here.

Private Experiences & Collaborations:

Collabs: Absolutely! In collaboration To Indy, With Love first prioritizes the requests and ideas of small, independent businesses, for mutually beneficial creative experiences & ventures. We love advance notice and follow through.

Speaking: Of course! Price quotes will be available for 2020, upon request based on creative intellectual property provided, service delivery included, prep time, day of the week and materials needed.

Public Creative Events: YES! To Indy, With Love creates ticketed events and scheduled experiences for the general public that companies and individuals can buy tickets for. These are announced at @toindywithlove on Instagram and Facebook.

Discounts & Free Services: Unfortunately, no. Generally, as a 1 woman, minority owned, small business, To Indy, With Love is not able to provide discount therapy, donation only workshops or expertise of any kind for free - as this undervalues the quality.

Social Media: All the time! To Indy, With Love does refer free resources, write info-packed posts and share abundant knowledge about social and emotional health @ToIndyWithLove on Instagram & Facebook several times a week. Can’t wait to see you there!

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